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Warsangeli Sultanate and the Warsangeli People


Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire


Sultan Siciid Sultan Abdisalaan


Warsangeli Sultanate (Sultanate of Northern Somalia)

The Warsangeli Sultante is located in Northern Somalia. It was once one of the largest Sultanates of all times in Somalia, and, at the height of its power, it included the Sanaag region, parts of North-East of Bari region. It was established by the Somali clan of the Warsangeli in the North of Somalia and ruled by the descendants of the Garaad Dhidhin.

The British Treaty with the Warsangeli was totally different from the others. In it, the Warsangeli were granted full control of their territory besides the recognition of their Sultanate, which had been in existence for the last eight hundred and twenty years.

The Sultan (also known as the Garaad in some parts of Somalia) was the sole soverign regent and the government of the Sultanate. The dynasty was also called the Garaad or the House of North-East Somaliland Sultanate. The Sultan enjoyed many titles such as Sovereign of the House of North-East of Somaliland Sultanate, Sultan of Sultans of Somaliland. Note that the first rulers never called themselves Sultan. The Sultan title was established by Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire in 1897.

Garaad Dhidhin (12981311)
Garaad Hamar Gale(13111328)
Garaad Ibrahim (13281340)
Geraad Omer (13401355)
Garaad Mohamud (13551375)
Garaad Ciise (13751392)
Garaad Siciid (13921409)
Garaad Ahmed (14091430)
Garaad Siciid (14301450)
Garaad Mohamud (14501479)
Garaad Ciise (14791487)
Garaad Omar (1487-1495)
Garaad Ali Dable (14951503)
Garaad Liban (15031525)
Garaad Yuusuf (15251555)
Garaad Mohamud (15551585)
Garaad Abdale (15851612)
Garaad Ali (16121655)
Garaad Mohamud (16551675)
Garaad Naleye (16751705)
Garaad Mohamed (17051750)
Garaad Ali (17501789)
Garaad Mohamud Ali (17891830)
Garaad Aul (1830-1870)
Garaad Ali Shire (18701897)
Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire (18971960)
Sultan Abdul Sallan (19601997)
Sultan Siciid Sultan Abdisalaan (1997 - today)

Saldanadda Warsangeli

Warsangeli Land 1857

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